Our Faculties and Institutes

Developing doctors for current and future world health needs

Our Faculties and Institutes train, educate and continuously develop doctors for current and future world health needs. They are highly respected and influential bodies within the health sector and represent the views and experiences of thousands of doctors in Ireland and across the world.  

They work to improve every aspect of healthcare by:

  • Displaying leadership on healthcare matters
  • Developing clinical leaders
  • Collaborating with other key organisations to drive healthcare improvements
  • Introducing and maintaining standards and guidelines to support best medical practice 
  • Advocating policies and practices that are in the best interest of patients and those who care for them

Our Faculties and Institutes work to ensure the highest standards in healthcare and are accredited by the Medical Council of Ireland to deliver postgraduate specialist training in their specialties

What our Faculties and Institutes do

Our Faculties and Institutes play a vital role in supporting and training doctors and influencing the future direction of the medical profession. They achieve this by:

  • Developing and delivering postgraduate specialist training in Ireland at Basic and Higher Specialist Training level
  • Providing educational conferences and programmes for doctors in their specialties
  • Setting and maintaining standards for their Membership and Licentiateship examinations
  • Advising government, statutory bodies and other expert groups on matters relating to their specialties
  • Helping to maintain professional standards for doctors who are taking part in Professional Competence on the General or Specialist Division of the Medical Council Register
  • Acting as a vital source of information for people practicing in their specialties
  • Representing their members’ interests at a national and international level on professional, legislative and regulatory matters